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The terms used in these regulations mean:

REGULATIONS - this document

UBUUZ - an on-line open trading platform operated by volt1, on the terms set out in the Regulations, available at the UBUUZ.com domain

volt1 - the volt1 company with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Nyska 50/22 (hereinafter referred to as volt1), entered into the register of entrepreneurs under the number 167994 with its registered office in Wrocław at Nyska Street No. 50/22. Whenever volt1 is mentioned in these regulations, it should also be understood as volt1 with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Nyska 50/22 (hereinafter referred to as volt1), entered into the register of entrepreneurs under the number 167994, with the tax identification number NIP 615-180--01-96 REGON 932-939--069.

ACCOUNT - a collection of resources kept for the User by volt1 under a unique name (login), in which the User's data and information about his activities under UBUUZ are collected

REGISTRATION - the procedure for creating an Account

GOODS - an item, service or right being the subject of the Offer

USER - an entity that has gained access to the services provided by volt1 as part of UBUUZ, on the terms set out in the Regulations

SEEKER - User acting to purchase or purchasing Goods or Services under UBUUZ.

INQUIRY - An advertisement for the implementation of one of the types of services requested by the Seeker placed with the help of UUBUZ functionalists.

OFFER - Placed with the help of UUBUZ functionalists, a proposal to implement the advertisement submitted by the Seeker.

ADVISOR - a User acting in order to fulfill the seeker's inquiry submitted to UBUUZ in order to purchase a Good or a Service.

TRANSACTIONS - procedures for concluding and performing User Consulting Agreements under UBUUZ

DISPUTABLE TRANSACTION - a transaction for which there is a dispute between the Seller and the Buyer regarding the correctness of the Transaction. This transaction is marked with

DISCUSSION - a dispute between the Seller and the Buyer regarding the correctness of the Transaction - taking place within the tools provided by UBUUZ


Article 2. Users of UBUUZ


2.1. Users may be natural persons who are 18 years of age and have full legal capacity, legal persons and organizational units without legal personality, but which may acquire rights and incur obligations on their own behalf. Users may be persons who are 13 years of age but under 18 years of age to the extent that they can acquire rights and incur liabilities, in accordance with the provisions of generally applicable law.


Natural persons who do not conduct business activity under UBUUZ shall choose one of the following Registration types by completing an appropriate form for each of them, where:

a. Full registration, subject to the provisions of art. 2.6. below, allows you to purchase and sell Goods (Normal Account);

b. Simplified registration allows only the purchase of Goods.


Natural persons conducting business activity, legal persons or organizational units referred to in art. 2.1, register using the appropriate registration form by providing the data specified therein. Then, these entities send to volt1 a copy of the documents confirming the data in question on the conducted activity. The obligation to send copies of these documents does not apply to Users whose enterprise is based in Poland and who, after the Registration, have fully activated the Account by quick online payment or payment by traditional transfer or other electronic transfer from the account belonging to the entity making the Registration. On behalf of the entities listed in the first sentence of this article, the above-mentioned activities may be performed by a person authorized to do so.


An account registered in the manner referred to in Art. 2.3 above, after positive verification of the data provided by the User, it will be marked with an icon visible to all visitors to UBUUZ (Business Account). The sale of Goods as part of the Business Account should be related only to the business activity conducted by the User at UBUUZ. At the same time, sales not related to the User's activity referred to in the preceding sentence should take place under the Normal Account.


After completing the registration form, a message will be sent to the e-mail address provided in it, indicating how to confirm the Registration, and other information required by law. Upon confirmation of the Registration, an agreement is concluded between the registered entity and volt1, the subject of which are services provided by volt1 under UBUUZ, under the conditions specified in the Regulations.


In order to gain access to all services provided by UBUUZ, the User must activate the Account by selecting one of the following methods provided by UBUUZ:

a. Fast on-line payment - if the User has an account in one of the banks providing the so-called "quick payments".

b. Payment by traditional transfer or other electronic transfer - if the User has a bank account.

In order to activate, the user must make a payment in a defined amount defined in the price list for account activation. The paid amount will be fully usable by the user for the publication of offers in UBUUZ.


The User should update the data in the settings on an ongoing basis after logging in to the Account. After Registration, the User is forbidden to delete the data contained in the Account settings, as well as to provide incomplete or untrue data.


The User gains access to the Account in UBUUZ after entering the login or e-mail address and password (Login). Logging in to UBUUZ via the automated solutions service and through other services cooperating with volt1, including social networking sites, has the same effects as logging in directly on the UBUUZ website.

The User gains access to the Account in UBUUZ after entering the login or address. The use of automated solutions, in particular the software that triggers the login, is at the risk of the User using such software.


The User may register more than one Account, provided that each of them is assigned a different e-mail address. The User may not use the Accounts to perform activities constituting a breach of the provisions of the Regulations. In particular, it is unacceptable:

a. participating in a given Bidding or Negotiation using more than one Account,

b. bidding or concluding a contract for the sale of Goods as part of own Offers, close people or people living together with the User or other entities with whom the Buyer has reasonable doubts that the parties act in concert to influence the result of the Transaction, in a manner against the law or morality,

c. making another Registration in order to avoid payment of amounts due to volt1, for services provided under UBUUZ.




The User may not use the Accounts of other Users and make the Account available to other persons, except in the cases of:

a.provision of the Business Account to persons duly authorized by the User to act on his behalf,

b. making the Regular Account available to the User's spouse by entering the data of the User's spouse in the appropriate form, provided that the Regular Account User has used the payment service at least once, referred to in Annex 7A and Annex 7B to the Regulations, or has paid for the services provided at least once as part of UBUUZ. Spouses using the Account are jointly and severally liable for actions taken under this Account.


Accounts are non-transferable, subject to the consent of volt1:

a. The Business Account may be disposed of in the event that the User transfers to another entrepreneur the rights and obligations related to running the enterprise or its part, in the form provided for by law,

b. A Normal Account may be transferred by the User to his spouse.


In a situation where the Account or the User's activity under UBUUZ requires additional verification of the data referred to in art. 2.1. or 2.3, or if volt1 has reasonable concerns about the security of an Account or a Transaction, in particular regarding the unauthorized takeover of the Account by another person, volt1 may:

a.make the use of UBUUZ conditional on the User confirming its credibility with appropriate documents, including identity,

b. temporarily limit access to individual services provided under UBUUZ,

c. suspend the User's Account for a definite or indefinite period.

After the abovementioned circumstances cease to exist, volt1 will remove the said restrictions applied to the User.


Within 14 days from the conclusion of the contract referred to in Art. 2.5, the User may withdraw from it without giving reasons. The rules for withdrawing from the contract, including the model withdrawal form that the User may use, are set out in the instruction, constituting Annex 8 to the Regulations. The right to withdraw from the contract is not granted to the User who has placed the Offer, participated in the Auction, used the Buy Now option or has any receivables towards volt1, for services provided under UBUUZ.

Section 3. Transactions


The UBUUZ website allows the Seeker to place the following types of inquiries:

  • Advise what to buy

  • Advise and find

  • Advise and find and buy

The submitted inquiries will be analyzed by UBUUZ advisors in order to implement them and to present them with an offer for the implementation of the selected type of service.



By accepting and using UBUUZ, the User undertakes not to submit Inquiries regarding Goods and Services, the trading of which violates applicable law or the rights of third parties (in particular copyrights and other intellectual property rights), as well as the issuing of which may be considered as violating good manners.


It is forbidden at UBUUZ to make inquiries regarding items listed as prohibited in Appendix 1 to the Regulations. Items listed in Appendix 1 cannot be offered together with the Goods as a free addition (free of charge).


The request is made by the person seeking information by completing the form available at UBUUZ. By completing the form, the seeker specifies the preliminary terms of the Transaction. The information contained in the offer must relate only to its subject. The inclusion of data in the content of the Inquiry is tantamount to volt1 acquiring the right to use them, and in particular to use them in any way, at any time, at its sole discretion. The placement of information or data by the Seeker in the content of the Offer means that he is entitled to these data and content and that their use within UBUUZ and by volt1 does not infringe the rights of third parties. The Seeker is liable for the truthfulness of the declaration referred to in the preceding sentence.

The inquiry should be placed in the work corresponding to the specificity of the Good or Service


The Seeker declares that he is entitled and has the possibility to conclude and perform the contract with the Advisor.


The Seeker is obliged to post in UBUUZ reliable and complete content that cannot mislead UBUUZ Users.


The content of the Offer must comply with legal requirements and contain information resulting from the applicable provisions on the protection of consumer rights. The User bears full responsibility for the content placed by him in the Offer, including he is responsible for any errors or inaccuracies thereof.


The publication of the Inquiry takes place immediately after it has been submitted for publication by the Seeker. The number of User Offers published at the same time may not exceed 5,000. Publication of a greater number of inquiries is possible after obtaining consent by volt1. The User may publish a maximum of one offer for the same Good.


After the publication of the Seeker's Inquiry, its original content shall apply. Changing the content by the Seeker is possible until the Advisor receives the first offer for implementation.

The change of the content of the contract may not be effective in relation to Advisors with whom a contract of implementation has been concluded under the Inquiry. In particular, it is forbidden to make changes by the Inquiry Seeker, which constitute a change of the Good or Service sought.

At the time of publication of the Inquiry in UBUUZ, for the content contained therein, which is the subject of copyright protection (such as copyrights, signs, logos, image, descriptions, photos), volt1 allows free, non-exclusive, unlimited in time and territory to use these Content in the following scope:

- disseminating via telecommunications networks (including the Internet and GSM networks) in any way and using any technology, in particular by: disseminating in such a way that everyone can have access to the Content at a place and time chosen by them and other methods of use in telecommunications networks, regardless of the methods of limiting access that can be used; public display and reproduction, also through the mechanisms of automatic playback of the Content on websites;

- recording and reproducing by any technique, including recording and copying on any type of paper, electronic, magnetic or optical media;

- public performance, exhibition, display, reproduction, broadcasting and rebroadcasting;

- lending and marketing.

The User gives consent to volt1 to exercise the moral copyright of the Content. The User declares that he will not exercise these rights in relation to volt1 and entities to which volt1 grants further consent to use the Content.


The User's consent also covers the creation of studies of the Content by volt1 and the use of these studies to the extent that volt1 is entitled to use the Content and to grant further consents to the extent corresponding to the consent granted to volt1.

The User declares and warrants that he is entitled to submit the above statements and consents covered by the Regulations and to enter the Content in the Inquiry, and that the Content and use of the Content by volt1 in accordance with the Regulations does not infringe the rights of third parties. The User shall release volt1 and entities to which volt1 grants further consent to use the Content from all liability resulting from the use of the Content in accordance with the Regulations.



Acceptance of the terms of the offer by the Seeker and the Advisor means the consent of both parties to the performance of the service by the Advisor in accordance with the terms agreed by the parties. The Seeker and the Advisor agree on the terms of the transaction by negotiating them. The negotiation is carried out by filling in the form. The final confirmation of the agreed terms of the Transaction by the Users is carried out by its acceptance by entering the authorization code in the appropriate form, which the user will receive by e-mail provided during registration.


Participation of the Seeker in the Negotiation means consent to the transfer of his personal data in the field of the Account name (login) to the Advisor.


After accepting the Transaction by both parties, the Adviser proceeds with the execution in accordance with the agreed terms. The Seeker may ask the Adviser questions (regarding this Offer) to the accepted offers, via the form provided at UBUUZ. Information about a new question is automatically sent to the e-mail address of the Advisor to whom the e-mail address of the User asking the question is disclosed.


After being carried out in accordance with the Seeker Advisor. Both parties are required to confirm this in UBUUZ by changing the implementation status. Payment for the execution of the transaction to the Advisor is made after the service has been performed and confirmed by the Seeker to the account indicated by UBUUZ.

Offers submitted as part of the Negotiation shall be binding upon the participants of the Negotiation, unless the Seeker rejects them. The Negotiator's offer may be rejected only before the end of the Negotiation

a. at the request of the Negotiator or

b.when the Seeker has reasonable doubts as to the Advisor's credibility,

c. if during the Negotiations there was the theft or destruction of the Goods to which the negotiations concerned,

d. in connection with the implementation of the Inquiry by another Advisor.


The proposal to conclude a contract with the Seeker or Advisor whose Account is suspended before the conclusion of the Negotiation ceases to be binding.


The end of the Inquiry or the Offer takes place after the expiry of the time specified in its terms by the Seeker or the Advisor or when the inquiry is made earlier by another Advisor.


The Adviser is obliged to provide the prices of the Goods or Services in accordance with the generally applicable provisions of law. The Adviser, in addition to the price for the Goods, also provides the actual delivery costs in the Offer.


UBUUZ is not a party to the agreements concluded between the Advisor and the Seeker for the purchase of Goods or Services concluded between Users and does not guarantee that the Seeker and the Advisor are entitled to conclude and perform the contract.


A Seeker using the Accept option concludes an agreement with an Advisor at the time of entering the confirmation code sent by UBUZZ in the taxation form to the email address provided during registration


The contract is concluded between the negotiators if his price proposal is accepted by the Seeker and the quantity available in the purchase proposal by the Seeker is still available in the Advisor's Offer.



After the conclusion of the contract between the Seeker and the Advisor, its confirmation is sent by e-mail (or optionally via other means of electronic communication). The message sent is for information only. In the sent message, the parties to the transaction receive their current data available in the settings of their Accounts. These data include name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, address.


As part of the Message for Advisor option, the Seeker may provide additional information related to the conclusion of the contract. The Seeker and the Advisor may not violate applicable law or the Regulations.


The Seeker, in connection with the concluded contract, should pay for the Goods within 7 days, unless the parties to the contract agreed otherwise. The Seeker is obliged to confirm the completion of the transaction, which means making the payment for him.

Article 4. ROLE OF UBUUZ


volt1 is not responsible for Users' behavior under UBUUZ or for improper performance or non-performance of contracts concluded as part of the Transaction, as well as for the consequences of actions taken by Users and third parties, which constitute a breach of the provisions of the Regulations.

volt1 is not responsible in particular for:

- Seeking Advisor's ability to actually complete the transaction

- for the quality of the Goods and Services to which the inquiries and offers relate

- the safety or legality of the Goods and services to which the inquiries and offers relate

- the Seeker's solvency and the truthfulness and reliability of the information provided by Users.

For the performance of contracts concluded under UBUUZ, in connection with the conduct of its own sale of Goods, volt1 shall be liable in accordance with the provisions of generally applicable law and the content of Volt1 Offers.



In the event that the Inquiries and Offers violate the provisions of the Regulations or applicable law, volt1 may:

- terminate prematurely or remove the Inquiry and / or Offer from - however, the contracts concluded so far between the Users remain valid

- remove the Inquiry and / or the Offer, as a result of which it is no longer available in UBUUZ, and all activities carried out by the Negotiating Officers within it have no effect.

-. change the department of UBUUZ indicated by the Search, in which the Offer is published,


volt1 may verify the observance of the Regulations by the Users. Verification may take place, in particular, by checking whether the Users comply with the relevant provisions of the Regulations. Verification takes place in particular by establishing contact with the User and recording its course.



In the event of a breach by the Use of the provisions of Retualmin, volt1 may, depending on the scale and circumstances:

- suspend one, several or all of the User's Accounts for a specified or indefinite period. Account suspension may occur, in particular, as a result of repeated violation of the UBUUZ Regulations

- give the User a warning via e-mail

- remind the User via e-mail

- temporarily limit the User's access to individual services provided under UBUUZ, in particular limit the functionality of the User Account for a definite or indefinite period,

- make the use of UBUZ conditional on the User's confirmation of the fulfillment of the contract concluded as a result of the Transaction


The User bears full responsibility for his actions and omissions related to the use of UBUUZ, in particular he may be liable for damages against volt1 or other Users.


After the Account is suspended, the User has limited access to the Account. Limited access allows the User to access the Account in order to:

- settlement of receivables to volt1

- financing contracts concluded before the suspension of the Account.

The Inquiries and Offers issued for suspended Accounts are deleted and the results of the Negotiation of the suspended Account are completed in accordance with the principles of Transaction execution described in these regulations.

The User whose Account has been suspended or on which functional restrictions have been imposed may not register a new one or use another Account without the prior consent of volt1.




Services provided by volt1 as part of UBUUZ are payable. The Seeker is charged with all fees and commissions. Receivables are calculated in two ways:

- in the form of a prepayment - then these funds can be used for services provided on the UBUUZ website

- on an ongoing basis and presented for payment for subsequent billing periods. The billing period is one week.

- on an ongoing basis and presented for payment after confirmation of the Transaction by the Advisor for the Seeker.


For services provided under UBUUZ, volt1 issues invoices in accordance with the data contained in the Account settings.


Fees and commissions for services provided by volt1 as part of UBUUZ are paid by the User to the bank account indicated in the Account settings.


User actions with the purpose or effect of avoiding payment in connection with fees or commissions charged by volt1 are prohibited.


The amount of fees and commissions for individual services, the rules for their collection, method of calculation, as well as the rules for granting transaction discounts to the receivables for the provision of services by volt1 in a given calculation period are available on the volt1 website "Fees".




6.1 Users should archive information on contracts concluded under UBUUZ on their own.

6.2. All materials, including graphic elements, layout and composition of these elements (the so-called layout), trademarks and other information, available on the UBUUZ websites are the subject of volt1 or Users' rights. The indicated elements are subject to proprietary copyrights, industrial property rights, including trademark registration rights and database rights, and as such enjoy statutory legal protection.


When using UBUUZ, the User should act in accordance with good manners and applicable law, including the protection of consumer rights. It is forbidden for the User to carry out activities that adversely affect the safety of the functioning of UBUUZ or harm the Users.


In the event of a dispute or uncertainty as to its operation, it is obliged to explain the correctness of the performance of the contract concluded between the Buyer and the Seller. The Seller is obliged to answer and provide comprehensive explanations in Dispute Transactions within 24 hours of the Buyer's filing of charges, provided that this time does not run on Saturdays, Sundays and other statutory holidays.


The number of Disputed Transactions completed as unresolved at the Seller's in the last 14 days should not exceed two.


It is forbidden to:

a.the use by third parties of markings to which volt1 is entitled, including characteristic graphic elements, in particular such as: logos, photos, descriptions or other types of markings,

b. aggregation and processing of data and other information available in UBUUZ for the purpose of their further sharing on other websites and outside the Internet.

Any peeling or use of materials available on UBUUZ requires the consent of volt1 each time and may not violate the provisions of the Regulations and generally applicable law, and may not infringe the interests of volt1 and the Users.





The Seeker and the Advisor are required to participate in the evaluation system, which is used to exchange subjective opinions about the course of the Transaction and the performance of the contract. The assessment must be issued within 14 days from the date of confirmation of the completion of the transaction by the Seeker. It is not possible to issue an assessment in a situation where the User's account has been suspended.


The assessment always concerns the Account and a specific Transaction. The user is responsible for the content of the ratings and responses. The content of the ratings and responses are public information, available to all visitors to UBUUZ. The User is not allowed to participate in the Transaction solely for the purpose of assessing (e.g. to artificially inflate or lower the Seller's credibility).


The descriptive evaluation may be either recommending or not recommending the purchase. Graphical evaluation of sales allows the Buyer to evaluate the course of the contract by the Seller on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of the following parameters:

• compliance with the description

• shipping time

• buyer service


Ratings and responses must be consistent with the actual flow of the Transaction and must not include:

- contact details or logins of Users,

- website addresses or advertising content.

- profanity, obscene, pornographic or inciting to spread hatred, racism, xenophobia,



The parties to the Transaction have the option of agreeing to remove the issued ratings that are not acceptable to the Seller and to respond to them, using the appropriate form available at UBUUZ. Ratings will be removed when the following cumulative conditions are met:

- the request for removal will be submitted by the Seller within 14 days of receiving the assessment,

- The Buyer will respond positively to the application no later than within 14 days of its receipt.


volt1 reserves the right to edit, remove or block the option of issuing grades in the following situations:

- violate the provisions of the Regulations

- after it has been found that the wrong User has been issued by mistake or for an incorrect Transaction

- the content of the assessment contains content, characters that make it illegible

- violates applicable law, good manners or violates religious feelings

- violates patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights, or the law of personal data protection

- is only a summary of a movie, book or CD, etc.

- it is fully or partially copied from other Users, the producer of the reviewed Good or from other available sources



The User's opinion may not violate applicable law, including the rights of third parties - in particular, it may not be defamatory, infringe personal rights or constitute an act of unfair competition. Reviews that do not meet these conditions can be removed by volt1.


Posting the opinion by the User is tantamount to consenting to its free use by volt1 or other entities cooperating with volt1 on the basis of separate agreements, as well as its modification in the above-mentioned scope.


Art.8. Additional services


volt1 may provide Users with information about the services and service offers of external suppliers to facilitate the use of volt1 services by Users, including financing, securing or advertising the Transaction.

volt1 may provide Users with other services, supporting the main activity of volt1 or facilitating the use of volt1 services by Users, including financing, securing or advertising Transactions, on the terms set out in the regulations of such services, as well as involving volt1 in concluding contracts for third party services.


Section 9. Privacy and Confidentiality



Personal data provided by Users in designated areas is processed by volt1 in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the privacy policy contained in the UBUUZ website.



Disclosure of personal data to other users is carried out only in accordance with the cases described in the Regulations for the purposes related to the Transaction and in other cases, with the prior consent of the data subject.


The User may not share or disclose to third parties information about other Users that he received from volt1, unless it was the User's consent for the purpose of carrying out the Transaction on UBUUZ. All other data sharing or disclosure is prohibited. In particular, it is forbidden to use this information for commercial purposes consisting in promoting the User's activity outside UBUUZ in any form.


volt1 reserves the right to filter and stop messages sent by Users as part of the tools provided by UBUUZ, in particular if they are spam, contain content that violates these Regulations or otherwise threatens the Users' safety.


Completed Offers may be published in the subdomain archiwum.UBUUZ.com. The published information is for reference only, and volt1 does not and does not guarantee full and comprehensive disclosure of information about completed Offers.


Article 9. Termination of the contract with volt1



The services provided in volt1 are indefinite. The User may terminate the contract concluded with volt1 regarding the Account indicated by him at any time by completing the Delete Account form available after logging in.


After completing the termination form, the termination takes effect on the 30th day from the end of the last Offer or Inquiry or share of the purchase transaction, but only when the user has paid volt1 all amounts due for services provided to the User by volt1.


The contract may be terminated by volt1 upon notice, with 5 days' notice if the User violates the Regulations. Termination of the contract by volt1 makes it impossible to re-register on the UBUUZ website, unless consent has been given by volt1.


Article 10. Contact and Complaints



volt1 allows you to contact us about the services provided as follows:

The User may contact volt1 regarding services provided electronically on the basis of these Regulations in the form of:

- in electronic form by selecting the subject of correspondence in the contact form in the "Help & Contact" tab on the UBUUZ website

- in writing to the following address: volt1 Nyska 50/22 50-505 Wrocław


UBUUZ may contact the User in the form of:

- electronically to the e-mail address provided by the User

- by phone to the telephone number provided by the User

- in writing to the correspondence address provided by the User.



In a situation where the User wants to report irregularities to the services provided, in particular their compliance with the Regulations, he may raise objections, i.e. a complaint for the sale of his own Goods. A complaint may be submitted in the form of:

- electronically using the contact form

- in writing to the following address: volt1 Nyska 50/22 50-505 Wrocław.

The content of the information must contain the information necessary to identify the User in UBUUZ, i.e. login, email and a description of the objections raised and an indication of the proposed method of resolving the Complaint.

In the event of own sale of Goods by volt1, the User may submit a Complaint in the manner described in the content of the volt1 Offer.


volt1 has 14 days from the date of receipt to review the complaint. In the absence of complete information,

volt1 required for their consideration will contact the User submitting the Complaint with a request to complete the missing data. Deadline from the date of its receipt.



volt1 information, responses to complaints are sent only to the e-mail address assigned to the User's Account.


The User has the right to appeal against the decision made by volt1 as part of a Complaint (Appeal).


Section 11. Governing Law and Disputes

The law applicable to the contract between the User and volt1, the subject of which are services provided by volt1 under UBUUZ under the conditions specified in the Regulations, is Polish law. All disputes related to the services provided by volt1 under UBUUZ will be settled by the competent Polish common courts. The User who is a consumer has the option of using the out-of-court method of dealing with Complaints and pursuing claims before the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court at the Provincial Inspector of Trade Inspection in Wrocław. The mode and procedures for resolving disputes can be found at the following address: http://www.uokik.gov.pl, in the "Settlement of consumer disputes" tab. A user who is a consumer may also use the EU ODR internet platform, available at the following internet address: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.


Article 12. Amendments to the Regulations


volt1 is entitled to amend the Regulations and this amendment becomes effective on the date indicated by volt1. The date of the change cannot be shorter than 7 days from the moment the amended Regulations are made available at UBUUZ.

Information about the change in the regulations will be visible to the User when logging in to UBUUZ for the first time, from the moment the changes come into force, he will be notified of such changes and the possibility of their acceptance.

Acceptance of the amended regulations shall be understood as the automatic renewal of the offer by the User if it took place without logging in to UBUUZ. In the event of non-acceptance of the regulations, in order to terminate the contract, the User should immediately notify volt1 of this, using the Account Deletion form.


If any provision of the Regulations is considered invalid by a valid court decision, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.